The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 10



ElliottLogoOne final, loaded dispatch of poems and cruelties for the year! Come on in and hear what Travis Nichols, Ada Limón, Matthew Pennock, Allison Kistenbroker, Paige Taggart, Jackie Clark, Mike Krutel, Ladan Osman, Erika L. Sánchez, Bridget Talone, Lauren Hunter, Laura Swearingen-Steadwell, and Sampson Starkweather have to tell you! Look for a new Hotline next April, and new episodes here between now and then! Ada’s poem first appeared in Dream The End Jackie’s poem first appeared in smoking glue gun Ladan’s poem first appeared in Narrative Erika’s poem is forthcoming in Diode Bridget’s poem fist appeared in White Elephant

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 9

ElliottLogoThe Easter bunny has returned to his home planet, but he left us an egg full of poems and tales of cruelty from Daniel Scott Parker, Abigail Zimmer, Patrick Samuel, Joshua Young, Layne Ransom, Alexis Pope, Amy Lawless, and Tara Boswell.

Daniel’s poem first appeared in Columbia Poetry Review.

Abigail’s poem is forthcoming in Jellyfish.

Layne’s poem first appeared in Big Lucks.

Amy’s poem first appeared in Hyperallergic.


The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 8

ElliottLogoSure, April is half-spent, but we’re just getting started. This installment of The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline features gems from J Hope Stein, Kenyatta Rogers, Keith Wilson, Kit Frick, Seth Landman, and Sommer Browning.

J Hope’s poem is forthcoming in Poetry International.

Kenyatta and Daniel Scott’s poems first appeared in Columbia Poetry Review.

Kit’s poem first appeared in Kill Your Darlings, Clementine, a chapbook from Rye House Press.

Sommer’s poem first appeared on The Academy of American Poets website.


The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 7

ElliottLogoIt’s time for another fat sack of poems & cruelties, brought to you this week by Sabrina Orah Mark, Nathan Hoks, Chad Chmielowicz, Clay Banes, Carolyn Zaikowski, Jess Grover, Wendy Xu, and Michael Robins. Enjoy! More to come!

Sabrina’s poem first appeared in Typo.

Do you like that Mountain Goats song? Go buy the album, available in a variety of formats. Be warned: you can’t hold and smell the digital version. FYI.

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 6

ElliottLogoHappy National Poetry Month! The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline is open once again. Our first installment features poems and cruelties from Whitney Holmes, Caryl Pagel, Shane McCrae, Natalie Shapero, Alisa Heinzman, and Seth Parker, who, in his way, Rickroll’d us. Look for new installments every week of April!

Shane’s poem first appeared in iArtistas. The Emily Dickinson poem that Alisa read can be found in this beauty.

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 5


One last cruelty shower before the cruel flowers of May, which lead to June’s cruelest ice cream. Gather ’round, gather ’round, Bianca Stone, Ben Pease, Sara Renee Marshall, Rickey Laurentiis, John Most, Carrie Oeding, Jeffrey Allen, Holly Amos, and CAConrad have poems and stories to sing to you.


The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 4


We’re back! In honor of National Poetry Month we are re-opening The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline. We have many great guests in store for you. The first installment for 2013 features Philip Sorenson, Michelle Taransky, Gary Jackson, Frank Sherlock, and Lauren Shapiro. Poems and cruelties abound! Come on in! And keep checking back. We have more to come throughout April.


The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 3

We send National Poetry Month out like a lamb on the walk of shame with a third installment of The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, featuring Betsy Wheeler, Dara Wier, Jane Lewty, Andrew Durbin, Sandra Lim, Nate Slawson, Dora Malech, Daniel Khalastchi, Jacob Saenz, Louise Mathias, John Gallaher, and Matt Zambito. We had a GarageBand crash and lost seven of these guests. We were able to retake six of them. Sadly, we couldn’t get Ben Fama back in to the studio in time. Our apologies to him, and the others who had to hear our voices a second time. Look for more from Ben Fama in the future, though. We’ll be running this feature again next April, but stick around for more of our irregularly scheduled program the rest of the year. Spread the word!

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 2

After a brief remembrance for Levon Helm, we open the lines back up for more poetry & cruelty! This installment features Lily Brown, Joesph Mains, Donald Dunbar, Brian Foley, Dorothea Lasky, Ashley Toliver, Stephen Danos, Claire Becker, Dolly Lemke, and Lisa Ciccarello. We hope you like pee stories. Levon sings us home.

*Note: Dorothea Lasky’s poem first appeared in Tin House. All journals where poems on our show first appeared, to the best of our knowledge, are linked on the side under “Sites.”

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline

In honor of National Poetry Month, we decided to open the Poetry & Cruelty Hotline. Poets call in, read us a poem, and then tell us the cruelest thing they’ve ever done or had done to them. We originally thought NaPoMo was in April because of the first line of T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” but we were wrong. That’s ok. We’re wrong often.

But we’re right about hearing poems and cruelties from Elisa Gabbert, Eric Baus, Andrea Rexilius, Kelly Forsythe, Bill Carty, Hafizah Geter, Catherine Pierce, Camille Rankine, and Arda Collins.

This is the first installment. There are two cruel weeks left. More poems and cruelty coming!

And here’s this, too.