Feathers, Stones, and a Failed Detective Agency


At long last, we get The Night Editor Jake Hinkson, good friend, advisory board member, film scholar and author of Hell on Church Street, on the show! We hit on a number of hot button issues. These include, but are not limited to, shirtlessness, storytelling, and failed ventures that may or may not explain how we all wound up the way we are today. Pookahontas sings us a classic. Jay goes to Antietam. Patrick sits amazed that it took him this long to have a reason to write that previous sentence.

(Originally published September 28, 2011; Re-upped January 7, 2015.)

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Talus, Or Scree Archive Release No. 2: It’s A Strange World


A while back we switched servers and, as a result, we lost some of our earlier episodes. To right this wrong and ensure these great episodes are available for old and new listeners alike, we will be doing archival releases during 2014.

In our second archive release, we talk with Benedict Fancy about his most recent project, It’s a Strange World: The Filming of Blue Velvet, which, as its title implies, is a documentary about a much loved movie at Talus, Or Scree. Jay often does this for Patrick. Patrick often says this to Jay.

It’s an hour dedicated to the dark and funny little movie that put Wilmington, NC on the film-making map. The documentary has a Facebook page, so you can keep up on release details and related events. And you can keep up with Ben and his cohorts’ other wonderful work here. You can even donate to the documentary, which is being filmed on a small budget, with many crew members offering their time and skill out of love for the project. And Ben’s dreamy eyes. Don’t You f*#king look at him!

Thanks, Ben, for the great conversation and all the great, heretofore (to us) unknown details (go listen!) about Blue Velvet. Pookahontas sings a classic from the movie.

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 4


We’re back! In honor of National Poetry Month we are re-opening The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline. We have many great guests in store for you. The first installment for 2013 features Philip Sorenson, Michelle Taransky, Gary Jackson, Frank Sherlock, and Lauren Shapiro. Poems and cruelties abound! Come on in! And keep checking back. We have more to come throughout April.


The Voice of a Very Particular Subculture: An Interview with Salvatore Pane


Salvatore Pane comes on the show to talk about his first novel, Last Call in the City of Bridges, Kanye West, video games, hating Kevin Garnett, his forthcoming graphic novel (co-written with Mark Kleman, illustrated by Lamar Nash), The Black List, and more!

Tripping Into the Bronze Age: A Conversation with Bill Taylor


Bill Taylor, husband, father, founding member of The Kingsbury Manx, artist behind the Tripp and Cautionary Tales comics in addition to the white board paintings he does at work, stops by the show to chat about all of these endeavors and more. Not enough? Fine. The kindly generous Manxmen shared a song off their forthcoming record Bronze Age (Odessa Records, out March 5th) with us. It’s called “Future Hunter” and we premier it after our chat. Go! Go!

All of The Kingsbury Manx’s album covers are painted by M. Scott Myers.


You Know You Want It: December 3rd


Shameless self promotion alert! My new poetry chapbook, Horse Ballast, is available from Pavement Saw Press. It’s only nine dollars! Paypal info(AT)pavementsaw.org or send them a check, and let them know which collection you want. Buy some other titles while you’re there!

horse ballast



I guess regular old radio—commercials and all—still exists? Beats me. I haven’t listened to that old-timey contraption in nearly a year. These days, it’s all about the XM. I’m a music nerd. XM welcomes—nay, embraces—that nerdom. I have my Outlaw Country—the only thing I have in common with Peyton Manning beyond large foreheads. I have my Prime Country, a slice of 80s and 90s genre staples and forgotten gems. 60’s on 6? Sure. And there’s a host of 90s alternative stations that will get me wallowing in nostalgia. But that’s just me. XM has around 200 channels or so—I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, actually. And there is bound to be about 20 or so that you’re going to love. So stop listening to the local yahoos on their corny morning program, the same loudmouths who always think it’s a good idea to play “Radar Love” at the drop of a hat. Get something that’s worth listening to.

God Defends His Thesis

Jay and Patrick discuss Lincoln, how God would defend creating a Jay and a Patrick, and, of course, the oncoming holiday season.


Ash and Alchemy: A Conversation with Megan Kaminski

Megan Kaminski, author of Desiring Map and a heap of chapbooks, pipes in from Kansas to discuss Guy Fieri, basketball, meeting Pete Sampras, suburban terror, and more. She also reads poems from Desiring Map and her next manuscript!


Kristen-Paige Madonia has Fingerprints of You

We sit down with novelist Kristen-Paige Madonia, author of Fingerprints of You, for a glass of raw milk and conversation on topics ranging from music festivals to the farming industry to home brewing beer in the laundry room and ending, ultimately, on her writing. It’s a fun journey. Join us for the fun!

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Shipwreck Shack

As part of a new annual Talus, Or Scree tradition, John Beer and Zachary Schomburg stop by (via sitting in Roadside Attraction in Portland) to tell us a scary Halloween story. Let’s just say they had us at “He didn’t have pockets at the time, which is kinda strange for somebody walking into the woods.” Put a pumpkin on your head and come on in.