Alex Green: Break No Hearts

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Alex Green
, author, most recently, of Emergency Anthems and editor of Stereo Embers, comes on the show for a chat about these things and a great deal more. Come on in and catch some of his infectious enthusiasm!

We close the show with one of Alex’s poems, “Let the Song Play,” sung by Robb Benson. For more music, check out the Emergency Anthems playlist via Largehearted Boy.

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And his publisher, Brooklyn Arts Press: @BAP_Books

Amanda Petrusich Learned to Scuba Dive in the Hopes of Discovering Some Records. What Did You Do Today?


We are excited to have Amanda Petrusich, long one of our favorite music writers, on to talk about her new book Do Not Sell at Any Price and a great deal more. Enjoy!Amanda

Check out Amanda’s other books here and here.

For more old-timey 78 goodness, revisit some classic Talus, Or Scree episodes here and here.

In The Church with Rob Lurie


We hadn’t seen or spoken to Rob Lurie in six years, when we all lived in North Carolina. Well, it turns out he’s Talus, Or Scree’s biggest fan. And he wanted to be on the podcast. After submitting the requisite proposal, we reviewed the rest of his application and gave him the green light.  We had no idea what to expect from “He Who Concocts Conspiracy Theories In A Cactus” (his words). What we got was a rollicking good time that transitioned its way to a great conversation on everything from his biography of the Australian band The Church to a conspiracy on the identity of  “Jay Varner” to his recent immersion into Martial Arts to the re-imagining of Hall & Oates by a band called Koot Hoomi. And, as we’re apt, it gets dark. Good to have you back in our lives, Rob.

(Originally published August 28, 2011; Re-upped January 7, 2015.)

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Ode On Drag City


Thanks to some diligent internet-ing by a faithful listener, we found some information on Burrel Padgett, mentioned in our first episode, via his great grand-daughter! Then, Jay gets all James Lipton and grills Patrick. He asks the hard questions. He gets soft answers. Sommer Browning, Noah Eli Gordon, and Joshua Marie Wilkinson read us poems! Then, to our good fortune, we include an excerpt of a longer interview between Patrick and Rian Murphy from Drag City Records. This interview was dreamt up during Patrick’s tenure as Employee of the Month at Carbon Copy Magazine, but it was just too huge, too full of wonder and sadness and dark, ancient laughter, for a blog post. The full interview will run in a print issue of Carbon Copy! This is a Talus, Or Scree exclusive! While most of the discussion will be in the magazine, some of it appears only on the podcast! Our deepest love and gratitude to both outfits for the opportunity. And just when you thought it was all over, Pookahontas sings us all home with a classic whose title, coincidentally, is what Jay says to Patrick at the end of every conversation they have.

(Originally published September 5, 2011; Re-upped January 7, 2015.)

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Feathers, Stones, and a Failed Detective Agency


At long last, we get The Night Editor Jake Hinkson, good friend, advisory board member, film scholar and author of Hell on Church Street, on the show! We hit on a number of hot button issues. These include, but are not limited to, shirtlessness, storytelling, and failed ventures that may or may not explain how we all wound up the way we are today. Pookahontas sings us a classic. Jay goes to Antietam. Patrick sits amazed that it took him this long to have a reason to write that previous sentence.

(Originally published September 28, 2011; Re-upped January 7, 2015.)

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Shawna Kenney’s Little Rascals Mentality


book lovers - shawna kelleyThe indefatigable Shawna Kenney visits and shows Jay and Patrick how it’s done. From corresponding with Ian MacKaye at the age of 16 to working as a dominatrix to put herself through college to writing treatments for reality television shows, and much more, Shawna has written, listened, and collaborated her way to a writing life unlike any other. We do our best to cover her many projects, the most recent being Book Lovers: Stories from Under the Covers, while getting a glimpse of what’s to come.

While We’re Still Alive-A Conversation with Kate Sweeney

sweeney.kate_SWEENEY_American-Afterlife_cvr_fnl-copyKate Sweeney, “pretty cheerful person” and author of the fantastic American Afterlife: Encounters in the Customs of Mourning, comes on the show to talk about her book and much more. Many of the questions we ask were crafted by Jay’s Creative Non-Fiction students at James Madison University. Kudos to them for giving us such varied and interesting ways with which to build a conversation. Also, Kate gets us to tell the riveting story of how our podcast got its name.

Talus, Or Scree Archive Release No. 2: It’s A Strange World


A while back we switched servers and, as a result, we lost some of our earlier episodes. To right this wrong and ensure these great episodes are available for old and new listeners alike, we will be doing archival releases during 2014.

In our second archive release, we talk with Benedict Fancy about his most recent project, It’s a Strange World: The Filming of Blue Velvet, which, as its title implies, is a documentary about a much loved movie at Talus, Or Scree. Jay often does this for Patrick. Patrick often says this to Jay.

It’s an hour dedicated to the dark and funny little movie that put Wilmington, NC on the film-making map. The documentary has a Facebook page, so you can keep up on release details and related events. And you can keep up with Ben and his cohorts’ other wonderful work here. You can even donate to the documentary, which is being filmed on a small budget, with many crew members offering their time and skill out of love for the project. And Ben’s dreamy eyes. Don’t You f*#king look at him!

Thanks, Ben, for the great conversation and all the great, heretofore (to us) unknown details (go listen!) about Blue Velvet. Pookahontas sings a classic from the movie.

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 10



ElliottLogoOne final, loaded dispatch of poems and cruelties for the year! Come on in and hear what Travis Nichols, Ada Limón, Matthew Pennock, Allison Kistenbroker, Paige Taggart, Jackie Clark, Mike Krutel, Ladan Osman, Erika L. Sánchez, Bridget Talone, Lauren Hunter, Laura Swearingen-Steadwell, and Sampson Starkweather have to tell you! Look for a new Hotline next April, and new episodes here between now and then! Ada’s poem first appeared in Dream The End Jackie’s poem first appeared in smoking glue gun Ladan’s poem first appeared in Narrative Erika’s poem is forthcoming in Diode Bridget’s poem fist appeared in White Elephant

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 9

ElliottLogoThe Easter bunny has returned to his home planet, but he left us an egg full of poems and tales of cruelty from Daniel Scott Parker, Abigail Zimmer, Patrick Samuel, Joshua Young, Layne Ransom, Alexis Pope, Amy Lawless, and Tara Boswell.

Daniel’s poem first appeared in Columbia Poetry Review.

Abigail’s poem is forthcoming in Jellyfish.

Layne’s poem first appeared in Big Lucks.

Amy’s poem first appeared in Hyperallergic.