The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 3

We send National Poetry Month out like a lamb on the walk of shame with a third installment of The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, featuring Betsy Wheeler, Dara Wier, Jane Lewty, Andrew Durbin, Sandra Lim, Nate Slawson, Dora Malech, Daniel Khalastchi, Jacob Saenz, Louise Mathias, John Gallaher, and Matt Zambito. We had a GarageBand crash and lost seven of these guests. We were able to retake six of them. Sadly, we couldn’t get Ben Fama back in to the studio in time. Our apologies to him, and the others who had to hear our voices a second time. Look for more from Ben Fama in the future, though. We’ll be running this feature again next April, but stick around for more of our irregularly scheduled program the rest of the year. Spread the word!

About Talus, Or Scree
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4 Responses to The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 3

  1. Usery says:

    How about a Kickstarter to get Varner a decent mic and audio interface?

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