Feathers, Stones, and a Failed Detective Agency


At long last, we get The Night Editor Jake Hinkson, good friend, advisory board member, film scholar and author of Hell on Church Street, on the show! We hit on a number of hot button issues. These include, but are not limited to, shirtlessness, storytelling, and failed ventures that may or may not explain how we all wound up the way we are today. Pookahontas sings us a classic. Jay goes to Antietam. Patrick sits amazed that it took him this long to have a reason to write that previous sentence.

(Originally published September 28, 2011; Re-upped January 7, 2015.)

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Transgression and Ruin: A Conversation with Jake Hinkson

Jake “Hardboiled Hillbilly” Hinkson returns to the show to talk about his debut novel Hell on Church Street, in which, as Steve Shadow Schwartz writes, Hinkson “stunningly limns the dichotomy between true faith and religous hucksterism while tossing in  sociopathic behavior so that his book becomes a cautionary tale rife with sly humor, lust, and self-delusion.” We’ve been heaping praise on Jake’s first novel in our own private conversations, and now on the podcast, but we’re not alone. Read other reviews here, here, and elsewhere on the interwebs.

Marcus Villano delivers us an Aging Cheerleader in response, partly, to our previous episode with Joe Bussard.

We send you home with a Pookahontas original, “The Final Torch Song.”

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Check out our friend Stephen Usery’s interview with Jake as well.