Amanda Petrusich Learned to Scuba Dive in the Hopes of Discovering Some Records. What Did You Do Today?


We are excited to have Amanda Petrusich, long one of our favorite music writers, on to talk about her new book Do Not Sell at Any Price and a great deal more. Enjoy!Amanda

Check out Amanda’s other books here and here.

For more old-timey 78 goodness, revisit some classic Talus, Or Scree episodes here and here.


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Sarah Bryan

We talk with Sarah Bryan about her life as an independent folklorist and Editor-In-Chief of The Old Time Herald, which often takes her on the Southern road in search of stories, 78 LPs, antique photographs and other phantoms. She stops, of course, from time to time. To play the fiddle and take her own photographs.

Marcus’ next installment of Aging Cheerleader, which begins with John Jeremiah Sullivan, John Fahey, and Jack Rose, sets him off on a chase for his own musical phantoms before returning him to Jack Rose’s resting place.

Pookahontas looks deep into his trunk of wonders and pulls out a Cadillac.

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