The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 9

ElliottLogoThe Easter bunny has returned to his home planet, but he left us an egg full of poems and tales of cruelty from Daniel Scott Parker, Abigail Zimmer, Patrick Samuel, Joshua Young, Layne Ransom, Alexis Pope, Amy Lawless, and Tara Boswell.

Daniel’s poem first appeared in Columbia Poetry Review.

Abigail’s poem is forthcoming in Jellyfish.

Layne’s poem first appeared in Big Lucks.

Amy’s poem first appeared in Hyperallergic.



The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 8

ElliottLogoSure, April is half-spent, but we’re just getting started. This installment of The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline features gems from J Hope Stein, Kenyatta Rogers, Keith Wilson, Kit Frick, Seth Landman, and Sommer Browning.

J Hope’s poem is forthcoming in Poetry International.

Kenyatta and Daniel Scott’s poems first appeared in Columbia Poetry Review.

Kit’s poem first appeared in Kill Your Darlings, Clementine, a chapbook from Rye House Press.

Sommer’s poem first appeared on The Academy of American Poets website.


The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 7

ElliottLogoIt’s time for another fat sack of poems & cruelties, brought to you this week by Sabrina Orah Mark, Nathan Hoks, Chad Chmielowicz, Clay Banes, Carolyn Zaikowski, Jess Grover, Wendy Xu, and Michael Robins. Enjoy! More to come!

Sabrina’s poem first appeared in Typo.

Do you like that Mountain Goats song? Go buy the album, available in a variety of formats. Be warned: you can’t hold and smell the digital version. FYI.

The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline, Vol. 6

ElliottLogoHappy National Poetry Month! The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline is open once again. Our first installment features poems and cruelties from Whitney Holmes, Caryl Pagel, Shane McCrae, Natalie Shapero, Alisa Heinzman, and Seth Parker, who, in his way, Rickroll’d us. Look for new installments every week of April!

Shane’s poem first appeared in iArtistas. The Emily Dickinson poem that Alisa read can be found in this beauty.

Talus, Or Scree Archive Release No. 1: Either Way We’re Celebrating with Sommer Browning and Backup Singers

Sommer Browning prior to recording Talus or Scree.

Sommer Browning prior to recording Talus or Scree.

A while back we switched servers, which caused us to lose some of our earlier episodes. To right this wrong and ensure these great episodes are available for old and new listeners alike, we will be doing archival releases over the coming months. We will kick things off with poet (find her first book here), comic artist, librarian, mother, comedienne her book of President jokes was published by Future Tense Books), Twitter extraordinaire, and, as you’ll hear here, creator of our awesome logo, Sommer Browning. Bonus: Sommer’s new book Backup Singers will be available soon from Birds, LLC. Be sure to get yourself a copy!

Plus, Pookahontas eulogizes R.E.M.!

We will run one more Archive release in March, before bringing back The Poetry & Cruelty Hotline. Once April passes we will continue with these archival releases and new episodes.

Our apologies to our past guests who got lost in the server shuffle. We hope you think of these releases as a low-rent form of time travel.


True Detective True Obsessives: A Conversation with Amy Black


Amy Black, visual artist, tattoo artist, founder of the Pink Ink Fund, fellow True Detective obsessive, and all-around awesome woman comes on the show to discuss the finale in great detail, as well as looking back at the entire first season of True Detective, before turning our attention to all of the great work Amy is doing. Take a look at some of her drawings and tattoos below, which she conceived or completed months before True Detective aired, which would be weird if time wasn’t a flat circle. Go take a listen and you’ll see that the light is, indeed winning.

Into a Spot the Size of a Pea: A Conversation with Brad Carter

photo (4)Brad Carter comes on the show to talk about his role as Charlie Lange on HBO’s True Detective. In addition to that, Brad shares the highs and lows of his journey from Macon, Georgia to Hollywood, California. Along the way, he talks about his love of Phil Hartman, a horrible Beauty and the Beast audition, a stint at The Groundlings, his roles on a number of television shows (Justified, Dexter, and True Blood, to name but a few), movies (Smashed, the upcoming documentary Kickstarted), and his first creative love, music.

Brad is a hell of a guitar player, singer, and songwriter, but he almost lost his ability to play music, and possibly act, due to Essential Tremor. Fortunately, thanks to Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, he’s not only still acting but also about to record his first album—which you can help finance.

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A Conversation with Charlie Halford, Who Has Known That Machete For Eight Years


Charlie Halford , who plays Reggie Ledoux/”the monster” on True Detective, joins us on the show to discuss watching True Detective (which he watches with Brad Carter, who plays his former cellmate Charlie Lange), how he approached inhabiting such a dark character, snakes, Making it to Los Angeles (it involves The Mona Lisa), and why we make art, among many other things. He’s a wonderful guy full of great ideas. We would like to thank our friend Shawna Kenney for making this possible. We know what happens next. We saw you in our dream. You’re going to the podcast now. Enjoy!

Below is a selection of the paintings Charlie created to earn his plane ticket to Los Angeles, which he discusses on the show.

Talus, Or Scree on True Detective: “The Secret Fate of All Life”

ToSTD3Following another stellar episode of True Detective, Jay and Patrick check in with more thoughts and theories based on what we’ve been given thus far and what we anticipate to come, knowing, as happens weekly, Nic Pizzolatto and crew will deliver even more surprises. Topics touched upon include: Ginger’s whereabouts, Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow (Kindle users: available here for free!), Jay’s dark theories about Marty’s daughter Audrey and how that may play into Cohle’s undoing, why Cohle regularly checks his pulse, and our selections for Rust-in-1995’s mix-tape, which leads us to exit with a great song by Ray Stinnett.

In case you aren’t watching the show yet: there are spoilers. Also: what’s wrong with you? Watch it!

Talus, Or Scree on True Detective: “Who Goes There”

ToSTD12We’re back on the case with True Detective, talking about the latest episode, “Who Goes There.” More thoughts, theories, analysis, geekery, and some music choices. Plus, Jay recasts The Odd Couple with Marty and Rust.

We will follow the show until the end of the season, releasing a corresponding podcast with each episode. In case you aren’t watching the show yet: there are spoilers. Also: what’s wrong with you? Watch it!