In The Church with Rob Lurie


We hadn’t seen or spoken to Rob Lurie in six years, when we all lived in North Carolina. Well, it turns out he’s Talus, Or Scree’s biggest fan. And he wanted to be on the podcast. After submitting the requisite proposal, we reviewed the rest of his application and gave him the green light.  We had no idea what to expect from “He Who Concocts Conspiracy Theories In A Cactus” (his words). What we got was a rollicking good time that transitioned its way to a great conversation on everything from his biography of the Australian band The Church to a conspiracy on the identity of  “Jay Varner” to his recent immersion into Martial Arts to the re-imagining of Hall & Oates by a band called Koot Hoomi. And, as we’re apt, it gets dark. Good to have you back in our lives, Rob.

(Originally published August 28, 2011; Re-upped January 7, 2015.)

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One Response to In The Church with Rob Lurie

  1. theodore rose says:

    great jam by pookie-hontas…

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