Talus, Or Scree on True Detective: “The Secret Fate of All Life”

ToSTD3Following another stellar episode of True Detective, Jay and Patrick check in with more thoughts and theories based on what we’ve been given thus far and what we anticipate to come, knowing, as happens weekly, Nic Pizzolatto and crew will deliver even more surprises. Topics touched upon include: Ginger’s whereabouts, Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow (Kindle users: available here for free!), Jay’s dark theories about Marty’s daughter Audrey and how that may play into Cohle’s undoing, why Cohle regularly checks his pulse, and our selections for Rust-in-1995’s mix-tape, which leads us to exit with a great song by Ray Stinnett.

In case you aren’t watching the show yet: there are spoilers. Also: what’s wrong with you? Watch it!


About Talus, Or Scree
Jay Varner. Patrick Culliton. A Podcast.

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