Please Come Back for Christmas

ChristmasWe’re back! As Jay Z says, “Hiatuses were made to be broken,” and, yes, Jay Z is on the show this week. While we’ve been away, Jay got his name changed to Jay Zarner. This is all a part of his conversion to the Zarn faith. He’s devout. He keeps sending Patrick pamphlets.

On this episode, Jay sings Patrick an adopted Christmas song, which is the third tenant of Zarn. Patrick does his best to stump Jay in his maniacal hoarding of Christmas/holiday music. He stumps him five times. In the Zarn faith this is known as “The Five Stumpings.” Traditionally this refers to the Zarn tradition of weeping uncontrollably for no reason before five different tree stumps. But, as Wilfred Brimley, High Priest of Zarn says, “Tradition is a wicker basket tossed into a bathtub filled with apple sauce. It changes and smells like cinnamon.”

In addition to Jay and Patrick’s gabbing, you will be treated to songs by Woody Guthrie, Paul Kelly, Elizabeth Mitchell, Fruit Bats, and Lord Executor.

We will return to our irregularly scheduled programming with more regularity in 2014.

Until then, bask in the Zarn.

PC & JV, December 2013



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