Varner’s 2012 Sampler

As our season of 77 Santas comes to a close, here’s one last bit of hits: Varner’s 2012 Sampler. This is a collection of (arguably) the best tracks from all five mixes that have gone up in the past month, plus a few new tunes. This concludes our holiday portion of the website—but fear not, we’re here all year long with podcast episodes and new content. Stop by and say hello.

Varner’s 2012 Sampler Download

Download Disc Five

Download Disc Four

Download Disc Three

Download Disc Two

Download Disc One

Varner'sSampler SamplerPlayList

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One Response to Varner’s 2012 Sampler

  1. Chris says:

    I know I’m past the season, but thank you so much for this year’s comps! Absolutely stellar! I’ll be waiting patiently for 2013’s. Also, thank you for membership to The Soup Emporium. It’s supposed to be rather frigid in these parts this week–soup weather!!

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