You Know You Want It: December 10th

soup sock


Regency Soup Socks

It’s soup season! Jay and I often text each other “Soup!” during these cold, bleak, soul pummeling months. If you’re a member of The Soup Emporium… what’s that? You’re not a member of The Soup Emporium!? Friend, what are you waiting for? Do you hate soup? Do you hate Facebook? Join our group and you will find many a soup recipe and soup-related shouts in the dark, like these Regency Soup Socks that Soup Emporium member Claire brought to our attention. Making stock just got a lot easier with these socks. You know you want it. And if you try to join the Emporium and it doesn’t allow you, just request entry. I’ll let you in after the requisite background check.


A Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: but I can play Assassins Creed III on my Xbox 360! It’s shiny and fast and life-like. So what? Take your souped up expensive game console and be one of those folks who wear headsets while playing some kind of psychotically real murder rampage game. Me? I’ll take the good ole SNES any day of the week. Sure, this reminds me of Christmas, 1992. That morning, I opened up a new SNES and was just about the happiest I’ve ever been. I no longer needed 8-bit; I had 16-bit. 16. Think about that. Well, okay, don’t—it seems infinitely less impressive now. But back in the day, this was as important as oxygen. And the games on this system? Super Mario Kart? Super Mario World? Donkey Kong Country? A Link to the Past? Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Earthworm Jim? I mean, this was the best game system ever made. There’s no reason for you to ever play anything else. Ever. Now you’re playing with power. Super Power.




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2 Responses to You Know You Want It: December 10th

  1. agingcheerleader says:

    Is that Paul Rudd? I think it is. Seriously

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