You Know You Want It: December 9th



Columbia Men’s Windward II Overshirt.

I found this shirt with a good friend, on our way to Columbus, and it ended a long, drawn out flannel search unlike any I’ve ever known. Lord, was it worth the wait. While a bit pricier than I’m used to (the internet offers discounted versions), this thing is awesome. The lining is cat fur soft. It can work as a fall coat. In short, it’s a handsome flannel. You want it. And, ladies, while I haven’t found an exact match in Women’s, this one is plenty handsome.


Chex Mix

Seriously. Have you eaten this? It’s delicious. Throw in some peanuts of your own, maybe some M&M’s and baby, you’ve got a party in your mouth. This is the perfect holiday snack that will help plug the hole loneliness chews into you on Christmas Eve.


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