You Know You Want It: December 8th



George Harrison: Early Takes Volume 1

John Lennon was murdered 32 years ago today and it still sucks. His mate, George, saw a new release this year. Early Takes Volume 1 is a beautiful set of outtakes, alternate versions, and covers released in conjunction with the fantastic Martin Scorcese documentary Living in the Material World. George always wielded a quiet, powerful beauty in his playing, singing, and songwriting. Not to start any fights, but he’s my favorite Beatle, especially when it comes to post-Beatles output. If you don’t have this already, get it. And get an extra copy for a friend or loved one. It can’t miss.


Take a Civil War Road Trip

Regular listeners to the podcast know that I’m a bit of a Civil War buff. In the past year, I’ve visited Antietam (twice), Fredericksburg, Harper’s Ferry, Gettysburg (twice), and Chancellorsville. We’re in the 150th anniversary year for many of these famous battles. But there’s more to this than just simply revisiting a spot where somebody moved a skirmish line in the pre-dawn hours. This is a chance to travel to some of the most beautiful spots in the country, walk on locations that made the country what is today, and meet some friendly folks at the National Park Service who are experts on the subject. The thing that still amazes me: how many of the themes and ideas of the Civil War are still in our collective consciousness today. This is the struggle that still casts a shadow over our country. Set aside a few days in the coming year to ask yourself why—and there’s no better place to search than one of these hallowed spots. And, while you’re at it, maybe check out some of these books: Confederates in the Attic, Patriotic Gore, The Killer Angels, This Republic of Suffering, Gettysburg, Landscape Turned Red, or The Destructive War. Let me know when you finish those—I’ll send along the exam. Hey, here’s my favorite clip from my favorite movie (cause professors who can fight are awesome):

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