You Know You Want It: December 6th



Satan is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers

This book, written by Charlie Louvin with Benjamin Whitmer, is a gem. If you’re a fan of the Louvin Brothers, and you should be, this is a must read. Charlie tells the tale of this unparalleled singing duo, from childhood to Ira Louvin’s sad demise, and all the way up to Charlie’s battle with the cancer that took him not too long after. So many wonderful anecdotes abound, but my favorite has to be the one involving a young Johnny Cash. Get this! Read this!


Occasion for Song by The Black Swans

Portsmouth, Ohio” by The Black Swans. It’s the best song I’ve heard this year (American Songwriter says it’s the 11th best song of the year). The album it comes from, Occasion for Song, should be owned by every music lover. And, sadly, the album is steeped in a tragedy: the death of Noel Sayre, violinist and founding member of the band. Front man Jerry DeCicca wrote the kind of achingly beautiful album that feels almost so private we want to walk away. And yet we don’t because, like any great writer, he turns what is deeply personal for him into something personal for the listener as well. We relate to his loss, his shock, his numbness, and his sadness. He shares the rawest of emotions on this album and, soon, they become our raw emotions as well. It’s of course ironic that the album is called Occasion for Song—that saying has a connotation of fun and joy. But why shouldn’t death bring about song as well? It’s a chance to all of us to grieve, a chance for all of us to celebrate the life lost as well. This is music at its most powerful. Listen to our interview with Jerry here.


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