You Know You Want It: December 4th



Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Bonnie “Prince” Billy, in addition to his steady stream of strong musical releases, also took part in this fascinating, funny, and in-depth (340+ pages!) interview with Alan Licht, which he hopes to be his last ever interview or at least a primer for lazy journalists. It’s a great read, offering glimpses into his writing, performing, thinking, uncanny sense of humor, and so much more. Do it! And go buy this little EP, Now Here’s My Plan, from Drag City, released in celebration of the book, to listen to while you read. Bonnie and the gang reimagine songs from his catalog in wonderfully new ways.

Jay: Some Holiday Music Mixes

Look, I don’t like the idea that you’re going anywhere but Talus, or Scree for your holiday music needs. But we’re like that Santa in Miracle on 34th Street—I’ll send you over to the other store if need be. There are whole host of holiday mixes available that you should check out. Of course, we’d much, much, much rather you find these in the bin of your local, independent record store. However, I no longer have one of those in these parts. Hence the links to the albums below. These are my favorite holiday compilations of all-time.

Christmas Party with Eddie G.

Eddie G.—the guy’s a holiday music legend. Hopefully we can get him on the podcast someday. Until then, check out this re-released holiday mix of some of the most esoteric Christmas music out there. The song below is included on the mix.

Ultimate Christmas Cocktails

Smooth and cool, this three CD set transports you back to a longue.

It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas: The Alternative Yuletide Collection

The title says it all—rare, obscure, but completely enjoyable tracks that range from celebratory to novelty to heart-felt.

Where Will You Be On Christmas Day?

It was made by Dust-to-Digital. We love them. You should too. All cuts from 1917-1959.

A John Water Christmas

Eccentric doesn’t begin to describe this mix. But it’s brilliant.

American Song-Poem Christmas

You can’t help but wonder what these people were thinking. This is Christmas music that’s so bad it’s good.

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