You Know You Want It: December 3rd


Shameless self promotion alert! My new poetry chapbook, Horse Ballast, is available from Pavement Saw Press. It’s only nine dollars! Paypal info(AT) or send them a check, and let them know which collection you want. Buy some other titles while you’re there!

horse ballast



I guess regular old radio—commercials and all—still exists? Beats me. I haven’t listened to that old-timey contraption in nearly a year. These days, it’s all about the XM. I’m a music nerd. XM welcomes—nay, embraces—that nerdom. I have my Outlaw Country—the only thing I have in common with Peyton Manning beyond large foreheads. I have my Prime Country, a slice of 80s and 90s genre staples and forgotten gems. 60’s on 6? Sure. And there’s a host of 90s alternative stations that will get me wallowing in nostalgia. But that’s just me. XM has around 200 channels or so—I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, actually. And there is bound to be about 20 or so that you’re going to love. So stop listening to the local yahoos on their corny morning program, the same loudmouths who always think it’s a good idea to play “Radar Love” at the drop of a hat. Get something that’s worth listening to.


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