You Know You Want It: December 1st

Holiday season is upon us, so we’re going to give you gift giving recommendations all month long! Be sure to check in—this will update daily. You know you want it.



ZZ Top, La Futura

My ZZ Top obsession began in earnest @3-4 summers ago when, in the car with Pookahontas, we heard “Waitin’ for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago.” I’d been hearing this cut a bunch in Chicago that summer, too, and, as we drove to the beach, Pook and I decided to look into this ZZ Top that didn’t sound like the ZZ Top we grew up with (and love). And so, I picked up Tres Hombres. And life changed. It’s the best Black Keys album the Black Keys will never record.

I’ve seen ZZ Top 3 times over the past 2 summers. They put on a fantastic show. And, finally, while at Jay’s house in Virginia (one day after seeing ZZ Top!) this summer, 4 songs from La Futura appeared as a digital-only EP. Now the entire Rick Rubin produced album is out, and it’s pretty awesome. Get it.

Here’s one of the many great cuts, “Flyin’ High.” Jam.


Carhartt stuff.

Some of you might assume that since I’m a famous podcaster/Christmas music curator, I’m probably some pretentious hipster, clad in an ironic smoking sweater and sporting Chuck Taylors. Truth be told, I’m a tried and true country boy. And any good country boy needs boots.


I’ve spent the past few years trying to find the right pair for everyday wear. There was Dick’s Sport Goods—and sure,

they’ve got some great boots for hiking. But I’m talking about the everyday wear and tear of my life. Yesterday, I hit up the local Tractor Supply Company and—to my delight—a wall of Carhartt boots. I’m not about stylish. I want quality.

My new 8-inch waterproof leather safety toe work boots are meant for the rugged lifestyle I live—walking hard-wood floors, gravel, grass, and the occasional rock. They’re oil and chemical resistant—because who knows when oil or chemicals will appear in my path. I’m not about to slip like some banana-peal stricken cartoon buffoon. The boots are insulated and have “OrthoLite insoles, padded collars, and OrthoLike comfort tongues.” Plus! They are ASTM 2413-11, EH rated. I have no idea what most of those things means, but all of them sound great.

And here’s the thing: these boots are great. Comfortable, manly, practical, and—despite all I say—stylish. Most of all, they’re going to last, just like all Carhartt products. And, they’re made in the U.S. of A. (with unionized workers) as this somewhat jingoistic video shows.


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