77 Santas: Alf’s Christmas Goodies









Another holiday mix. Download it here.

Alf’s Christmas Goodies Playlist

  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen—Hoax Funeral
  • Candy Cane Children—The White Stripes
  • Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas—Buck Owens & Susan Raye
  • There’s Trouble Brewin’—Jack Scott
  • Santa Claus Is Watching You—Ray Stevens
  • Swingin’ Home For Christmas—The Tractors
  • Christmas In Viet Nam—Johnny & Jon
  • Christmas Island—Bob Atcher & The Dinning Sisters
  • Dasher With The Light Upon His Tail—Kitty Wells
  • I Wanna Spend My Xmas Time with You—Phil Lee
  • It’s a Big Country—Davitt Sigerson
  • Horny Christmas—Loo and Placido
  • Greensleeves—French Champagne
  • Frosty, The Snow Man—The Three Suns
  • Christmas—The Posies
  • Christmas Song—The Felice Brothers
  • Happy Holidays—Ohio Players

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