From the Talus, or Scree Archives: Halloween Extravaganza!

Due to some travel, we’re on a bit of a break until next week. However, we wanted to re-post last year’s Halloween episode. We’ve blown off the dust, remastered the sound in hi-fi Dolby 19.1 stereo, and added even more entertainment value to one of our favorite episodes. Also, we’re happy to announce that John Beer and Zach Schomburg will return for their annual Halloween story later this month.

Here’s the original synopsis from October 25, 2011:

Patrick goes for a walk in the cemetery in his mind and loses Jay. Then things start to get weird. How weird? Well, John Beer and Zach Schomburg tell us scary stories. Then they collaboratively write a scary (no scary?) story. All from a bar. Weirder yet, Ohio, a black cat, Nicole Wilson, Emma Bolden, Emily Kendal Frey, Maggie Smith, and Kathy Fagan all read us poems. You don’t know weird until Sommer Browning tells you jokes. Look for more from her next week. Not enough? We don’t think so, either. Marcus Villano brings us yet another dispatch from the land of the “Aging Cheerleader.” Wouldn’t it be weird if Noah Eli Gordon did some of his world famous impersonations? Yes, it would. That’s a hefty sack of tricks and treats, sweet listeners. Perhaps, instead of “weird,” we should have said “awesome.”



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