From the Talus, or Scree Archives: Lincoln at the Apollo

A few months back, we updated our podcast server. When the switch happened, some of our earlier episodes were lost in the ether. Over the summer months, along with delivering new episodes, we will also be digging into our archives and sharing some of our classic episodes. And what better episode to start than “Lincoln at the Apollo” from September 19, 2011?

This episode saw Jay hurl arcane trivia at Patrick, which naturally led to ruminations on Abraham Lincoln’s little know career as a stand-up comic. Zachary Schomburg (whose poems movie starlet Kristen Stewart recently said she digs) gave us the gift of “Abraham Lincoln’s Death Scene.” Pookahontas sang a song that took us back to a whole different century. We also introduced Marcus Villano on the episode, bringing the first segment of “Aging Cheerleader.” These meditations on music, as the segment title implies, came from an honest, appreciative place. They were wise and insightful. Did they help your heart break a little more as we first promised? Probably. And they still can.


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