Concussed By A Peach

Talus, Or Scree: Season Two!

Abe Smith

Episode One: Concussed by a Peach What better way to kick off a new season of Talus, Or Scree than chatting with Abe Smith? Maybe he reads us a new poem, one not in either of his first two books. Not enough? Well, he tranced us with a little bit of Hank, too. Get on board, folks. In addition to the poems we talk a good bit of music. And we sure as heck ain’t entering this terrifying new year without the Aging Cheerleader (nee Marcus Villano) by our sides. In fact, we’d prefer it if he would just take us by the hand and lead us to the promised land. Isn’t that a song lyric? Anyway, he doesn’t talk about that in this newest piece. He does, however, talk about the sweet sounds of Cloudbirds. Just follow that link for songs (and check out the videos, too!) and catch them live if you can. Pookahontas reaches deep into Bruce Springsteen’s back pocket and, after giving him a soft pinch on the rear, pulls out a tune. Oh, and Jay wore his cousin Eddie hat during most of the recording.

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