A Talus, Or Scree Christmas: Disc One

As many of you know, we’ve hosted a blog called 77 Santas for several years. This year, we incorporated 77 Santas into Talus, Or Scree—hence, if you’re coming here for the latest podcast episode, you might see a Christmas tune or two.

Now, sure—some of you are no doubt saying, “But I hate Christmas music!” Hey, if you listen to it on your local radio station, we don’t blame you. Each year they dust off the same tired tripe, that same awful Paul McCartney song, that same version of Cher doing some techno-happy version of a standard. But the thing is: Christmas music is wonderful. And you don’t need to be religious to think that! We’re obvious music fans—collectors, listeners, connoisseurs. And pretty much any artist we love has done at least one Christmas song. Some are quick cash-ins. Some are heartfelt and genuine. Some of our favorite songs are those that either 1.) rock out or 2.) explore the darker themes of the holidays.

This year, we’re delivering our first ever Christmas compilation. You can thank Brett Eugene Ralph for this idea. Each year, he makes a Christmas comp CD and gives it to his friends. That got us thinking about doing the same. We quickly realized that our friends are spread all over the world. That’s a lot of CDs and postage. So the easiest way to share something with you? A little download for everyone.

So download this mix, load up the iPod, and turn up the volume. Play this while wrapping presents, making mashed potatoes, or while staring at the snow silently blanket your yard. This is the first of four mixes. We hope you enjoy each one.

The link below includes an MP3 of the full mix. Enjoy!


(Link re-upped on November 29, 2012)


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