It Wasn’t Like Christmas At All…

This is a favorite on my iTunes this time of year. It’s just a catchy little ditty—and there are mentions of Stockholm and Oslo, which are places I’ve never seen but wouldn’t turn down the chance to visit. I’ll admit—this is a bit of a cheat. Is this really a Christmas tune? Well, it’s in the title, right? Yes… But there’s no Santa, no gifts, nothing at all that fits the usual Christmas themes. And that got me wondering—how do you define a Christmas song exactly? Or, how do you define it 77 Santas style? Because you ain’t hearing “Christmas Shoes” here, unless of course Jim James or Bonnie “Prince” Billy does a cool version. I guess I should provide an answer to the question but I’m not sure I know the answer just yet. What do you think?

Okay, here’s a straight-up Christmas tune by Charles Brown. That’s right, the kid that can’t kick that football. Who knew he had such a soulful voice?

And a bonus! A cover of a tune you’ll see again here: “This Must Be Christmas”.


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