Picking Up Where Hee Haw Left Off

[audio http://blip.tv/file/get/TalusorScree-TalusOrScreePickingUpWhereHeeHawLeftOff514.mp3]

This episode is scheduled to be re-upped in 2014. Sorry. 

Nick Ripatrazone reads us two poems! Patrick records a rainstorm! Marcus delivers us another “Aging Cheerleader” for the ages! The triumphant return of The Depressive Weatherman! A song by Jews and Catholics! A song by The Body Electric! A song by Pookahontas! Why all these songs? Well, listen to the episode’s feature segment, “Following The Music: Pookahontas” and you’ll see!

UPDATE: 10/20/11

Rare The Body Electric video unearthed!

Christopher McSween circa 2009. “Following the Music: Pookahontas” features the musical life and times of McSween and his musical alter-ego, Pookahontas.

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One Response to Picking Up Where Hee Haw Left Off

  1. Jake says:

    When McSween is your guest, you post a picture of him looking like a sun-kissed sex god. When I’m your guest, you post pictures of fields where dying men stared at a gray sky while their blood soaked the unforgiving earth.

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