Talus or Scree: The Early Months

[audio http://blip.tv/file/get/TalusorScree-TalusOrScreeTheEarlyMonths337.mp3]

Jay Varner (left) and Patrick Culliton (right), circa 1984.

This episode is scheduled to be re-upped in 2014. Sorry. 

It seems like just May of 2011 that we started this podcast because it was. Here’s a “greatest hits” of our first two episodes. Be thankful for this. There was a lot of crap in those two episodes. And if you’ve been down since day one: we’re sorry. Still, you get such gems as “Debate Me”, “The Mad Cartographer”, “Tell and Tell” (Burrel Padgett edition!), a riff on Tim Allen, jams by Pookahontas, a poem by Travis Nichols and more! That’s a lot! Imagine how much we cut! And, because we love our listeners, there is new material. Of course you get some classic Jay and Patrick banter, but you also get a new edition of “Aging Cheerleader” followed by a Pookahontas throwdown, which is followed by a Pookahontas swooner that sets you up for the days of Talus, Or Scree yore. It wasn’t that hard for us to say goodbye to yesterday. That doesn’t mean we’re better now. Unless you say we are. Say we are. Whisper it into our ears under the bleachers tonight.

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Jay Varner. Patrick Culliton. A Podcast.

2 Responses to Talus or Scree: The Early Months

  1. brandon Kuczma says:

    When can we expect the “double live” album?

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