Linkmania From Our Fourth Episode: “In The Church With Rob Lurie”!!

The John Lennon book referenced early in the episode.

A Madame Blavatsky/Theosophists page. If anyone on this website offers you a cool drink, tell them you just had a 32 oz Gatorade before logging on but thanks.

Buy this album and listen to it in a dark room.

Here’s what Steve Kilbey‘s up to.

And here’s Rob’s book.


And here’s a picture of me and Jay, according to Rob’s imagination:


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3 Responses to Linkmania From Our Fourth Episode: “In The Church With Rob Lurie”!!

  1. brandon says:

    I’m gonna git me that album. It’s fucking great from what I heard. Thanks for sharing. Donkey balls

  2. Jarvis Slacks says:

    I sort of want to explain this whole “Rob Lurie on the Rhetorical Situation Podcast” thing. First, I don’t know Rob. Second, when Rob emailed me (Did he? Who remembers) I was probably busy, saw it, flagged it in email so I could get back to it, played video games, and forget. Does this forgive me my transgression? No. Do I feel bad about it? I feel bad about everything. Am I going to invite Rob to my podcast to make up for it? Probably not. I’m lazy. And I’ll recorded another podcast when I damn well feel like it. Also: Love the show.

    • Mr. Slacks, it is I who must apologize. You were an innocent bystander in my diabolical plan to create a “podcast beef” for comedic relief. At the very least, I hope it sent the three regular listeners of “Talus, or Scree” over to your show to see what the fuss was about. Seriously, though, there are wickeder men than you and I in this world who routinely do terrible things to people and seem to feel no remorse for it. Please send your guilt their way and don’t waste one more second thinking about this. It is beyond miniscule. I truly mean that. You’re obviously a lovely, talented guy who means no ill will to anyone, which was supposed to make the beef completely preposterous and therefore (hopefully) funny. I am truly sorry if it upset you in any way. Also, I can’t abide the idea of you “feeling bad about everything.” That’s MY job! I’m a recovering Catholic with Jewish roots, for God’s sake!

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